Brazzo Boys

what is brazilian bbq?

Brazilian BBQ is fuelled by a fanatical devotion to high quality meat and special cuts. Chunks of meat are threaded on to skewers and then slow roasted rotisserie-style over charcoal to lock in the juiciness and flavour. 





The secret to Brazilian BBQ is the smoke from the burning charcoal. The skewered meat is sealed by the heat from the charcoal and the slow roasting cooks the meat from the inside out. The meat is juicy, tender and mouth watering.




carne (meat)

We select the finest quality rump (picanha) and remove the cap to leave the most tender part of the cut. We demand from our butchers, Angus beef with a fine marbling to make sure our BBQ is of the highest standard.


Pao frances


pao frances (Crusty bread roll)

The finishing touch is the freshest of crusty bread rolls with the softest inside! These bread rolls give our delicious BBQ the biggest of hugs and make your meal one to remember.